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Mission Statement

One by One is a non-profit organization founded by a group of “formers”, former gang, extremist & organized crime members to help identify, address, research then strategize on the application of effective social programming for youth outreach programming ages 6-29 & anti-recidivism programming for groups 30-N/L. Taking a boots on the ground, grass roots approach to anti bullying, gang prevention & exit strategies and long term support through mentorship. We are extremely passionate about giving back, paying a debt to society outside the walls of confinement and leading others to do the same. We like to think of ourselves as ambassadors of change unprompted by the threat of punishment. A process we’ve dubbed as the ‘Internal Realization & Transformation Process’ (IRTP).  There are many organizations that are fundamentally aspiring to accomplish similar goals as One by One but what makes our mission unique is our approach to the standard ‘philosophy’ of outreach strategies.  We feel that many similar organizations have admirable goals but some have let the people they’re committed to helping slip between the cracks. We feel that this is due to the unrealistic concept that all at risk persons can be saved by a ‘one size fits all’ model of social interventions. Our goals are focused on an individual by individual, case by case approach to youth outreach. Narrowing in on the individual clients immediate needs, demographics, religious & racial sensitivities. The client will have access to mentorships from people with lived experience (formers) and access to our plethora of social programming & mental/physical health resources.

JUST ONE Philosophy

Just One’s philosophy is primarily based in the teaching of realistic life building skills, mental/physical health and utilizing available resources to assist in curbing negative life trajectories such as violence, addiction, ideologically based extremism and recidivism. We have a positive and receptive view of building/restoring relationships between the local law enforcement agencies, government offices and polarized communities through proposed multilateral programming partnerships. We feel strongly, that this particular program generates confidence, self discipline and personal accountability as many of the One By One staff members are formers of negative lifestyles and have shared similar lived experience with our target market. The One By One staff members have utilized and contributed tools they’ve acquired that have worked for them collectively and helped to construct the mosaic of methods of rehabilitation implemented in the Just One Strategy.  A few examples of organizations and programs that have been helpful in our personal transitions as formers implemented into the One By One, Just One philosophy;

  • The wrap around approach’ - One By One acting as an umbrella for all related services
    available. Our brand of this approach offers mentorship from our One By One trained staff.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous AA/NA – sponsorship/mentorship
  • Big Brother Big Sister – Role model, mentorship.
  • Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) – Anger management, mood & anxiety service for children & youth etc.
  • Ontario Works (OW/ODSP) – Social Assistance & employment resourcing.
  • St Christopher House Community Center – Art program.

We are also seeking to assist in qualitative & quantitative research partnerships based on the JUST ONE model of intervention, redirection and mental/physical health philosophies.

ONE BY ONE’s goal is to educate and save lives, but it begins with... Just one