About Us

One By One Movement Inc.

One by One is a corporation founded by a group of “formers”, former gang, extremist & organized crime members to help identify, address, research then strategizes on the application of effective social programming for youth outreach programming ages 6-29 & anti-recidivism programming for groups 30-N/L. Taking a boot on the ground, grassroots approach to anti-bullying, gang prevention & exit strategies and long term support through mentorship. We are extremely passionate about giving back, paying a debt to society outside the walls of confinement and leading others to do the same. We like to think of ourselves as ambassadors of change unprompted by the threat of punishment. A process we’ve dubbed as the ‘Internal Realization & Transformation Process’ (IRTP). Many organizations that are fundamentally aspiring to accomplish similar goals as One by One but what makes our mission unique is our approach to the standard ‘philosophy’ of outreach strategies. We feel that many similar organizations have admirable goals but some have let the people they’re committed to helping slip between the cracks. We feel that this is due to the unrealistic concept that all at-risk persons can be saved by a ‘one size fits all’ model of social interventions. Our goals are focused on an individual by individual, case by case approach to youth outreach. Narrowing in on the individual client's immediate needs, demographics, religious & racial sensitivities. The client will have access to mentorships from people with lived experience (formers) and access to our plethora of social programming & mental/physical health resources.

Think Tank

The One By One Movement's primary goal is operating as a think tank is to decrease extreme acts of violence across the globe beginning with Toronto Ontario Canada. Assisting organizations from the grassroots level up to government level with strategy and social programming development. Clients have the unique opportunity to strategize and develop proposed and or tweak existing programs utilizing One By One Movements roster of former, high profile ex-gang leaders, extremists, organized crime figures and ex skinheads/white nationalists. We are seeking to have third party evaluation through technology-heavy data collection.

Speakers Bureau

One By One Movement Inc provides clients access to all of its members and affiliates with lived experience, formers of criminal or extreme lifestyles for speaking engagements, keynote speaking engagements, expert witness testimony, panels, interviews, etc.


Our target market is 6-29 & 29 - No limit years of age. Consult, assist and implement the development of strategic planning & programming centered in,

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Reduction in recidivism
  • Anti-bullying
  • Negative lifestyle exit strategies
  • Direct mentorship
  • Development of training/workshops
  • Fund-raising & bringing awareness events